Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mystery Tea Revealed

It turns out yesterday's delivery was one of Scott Wilson's productions, the "Chen Xiang" from Wu Liang.  Though the cakes were pressed in 2012, Scott's description states that the maocha is from 2007 which explains the slightly aged feel and look of the leaves.  Scott says the maocha was stored in Nan Jian township, which, if my google map search results are correct, is at roughly the same latitude as Kunming.  More humid than Montana, but it's not Xishuangbanna.

This morning, at four infusions, the smoke is finally starting to dissipate.  Granted, my brewing set-up at work is not ideal, but I'm not getting the orchid and camphor per the description.  We'll have to drink more at home.   

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Special Delivery

I received a special delivery at work today.  It was ferried to me by a kind, long-lashed person.  When does this ever happen?

As you can see, this little packet was a cute wax-paper affair.  I must admit to feeling a bit nervous opening it up on my desk and taking photos of it.  Just act cool, I kept telling myself.  

Smokey and hairy.

As soon as the tea was unsealed the smell of a campfire wafted into the room.  I sprinkled some of these leaves in my trusty infuser mug and headed to the hot water spigot.

I got three infusions in before work ended.  The smoke kept coming like a barge full of that Lapsang Souchong you bought at your local co-op.  Lots of orange leaves and quite an orange-tinted brew:

I don't know anything about this tea, but it sure made the day more interesting.  Thanks!