Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The height of summer busyness is upon us, and, unfortunately, not much tea is being consumed at the present time.  I'm off for the Missouri Breaks for 10 days of work restoring a 100-year-old homestead barn for the Bureau of Land Management.

I hope to get back to the tea table in late July.  For now, it's bags of Yorkshire Gold in the morning and that's about all.



  1. Would love to see some experiments in travel brewing...the Yorkshire is good, but always leaves a hankering for better and more diverse tea on the road.

    1. Ben,

      Good idea. I'll try and document some travel brewing experiments next week after a hitch in Welcome Creek. Sometimes bagged tea is the only option, boring as it is. We hit 113 Fahrenheit out on the breaks, working without cover, 10 hour days. Running on fumes. As long as it jolted me to life, I didn't care what I was drinking.