Sunday, December 16, 2012

Checking In

Tea has become so utilitarian over the last few months- it keeps me from yawning and slobbering on my desk at work.  My desk is my new home where I make tea in a squat infuser cup I got from Brett and Cinnabar last month.  Visiting with them and getting dangerously drunk on tea was a bright spot amidst a series of prosaic days.  I have been breaking up bits of shengpu for my cup which isn't the best way to drink shengpu but is a good way to utilize all those cakes sitting on the dry shelves wafting away their essence like miniature bales of straw in a cold wind.  Better drink em while there's something left, baby.

I've been slowly making my way through a grandpa-style-tailored care package sent to me by ultra-kind tea personality Hster.  Even more exciting was this second package:

We took care of these delectable chocolates in a week and a half and got a great introduction to some unfamiliar chocolatiers.  I've always loved chocolate and now we're regularly ordering bars from the Bay Area company LAmourette.  Their "Carenero Superior" bar has become a favorite and I bought a whole stack to give out for the holidays.  Thank you, Hster.  Such kindness is a beacon.

We went to a production of "Pinocchio" tonight put on by the Portland-based puppet company "Tears of Joy." It was a riotous performance for kids with more than a little adult humor.  I was angered and distraught when I found myself terrorized by the vision of some malicious, battle-clad young man bursting in and tearing a hole in this community.  My heart goes out to the people of Newtown, Connecticut and the victims of senseless suffering everywhere.      

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